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Data Leadership Webinar

If you are unable to open the video, please click the link here.


This webinar focuses on how to leverage data analytics for credit union's sustainability. Paul Dionne, from Filene Research Institute, the leading Credit Union knowledge and research experts, shares a presentation on their latest credit union specific research from Prof. Cheri Speier Pero, Assoc. Dean at Michigan State University, on how credit unions can use their data to engage, listen and deliver for members.

Key concepts covered in this webinar include:

  • What is Data Literacy?

  • The road ahead with data analytics

  • Building Analytics Readiness

  • The Promise of Analytics

  • Next Steps for Credit Unions.

Guest Panelists in this webinar include Seamus Newcombe from Payac and Cathal Tyther from the Solutions Centre. The presentation is followed by a discussion with guest panelists where our guests describes in detail how they have used data analytics to grow their company over last few years.

Presentation for this webinar can be found here.

WEBINAR HOST: Susan White, General Manager of CMutual.

PRESENTATION BY: Paul Dione, Research Director at Filene Research Institute

(CMutual's partner institute for credit union research).

GUEST PANELISTS: Seamus Newcombe from Payac and Cathal Tyther from The SOlutions Centre.

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