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SLCU Conference 2018

CMutual would like to welcome all to the SLCU Conference 2018. We look forward to an exciting year ahead of us. CMutual reinforcing our commitments to our customers by providing excellent service and value products. 

Our CMutual staff will be available throughout the conference for any meeting, discussions or questions in relation to our services or how we can help improve your business. Please call by our stand in the Exhibition hall.

CMutual and Filene Partnership


Over the past decade I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Filene Research Institute, as has many of you, on several ground-breaking pieces of research and knowledge sharing for Credit Unions.

During the past number of months I know that many of you have discussed better and more innovative ways in which you can understand, develop and test;

  • How best to develop and strengthen your strategic plans;

  • Where to gain both relevant and credible information on similar strategies deployed by other Credit Unions, both locally and internationally;

  • How to test great ideas;

  • An understanding of innovative growth, skills development and governance models used by other like-minded and similar Credit Unions to you.

We’ve listened and we’d like to help. We at CMutual are committed, as we have been over the past 50 years, in helping you grow, strengthen and improve your Credit Union.

You’ll be pleased to learn that we have now formalised a knowledge sharing program, for you, directly with Filene.

From April 2018, as part of your support from CMutual, you’ll have direct access to the largest and continuously updated, repository of Credit Union research, studies, and brilliant ideas, globally.


In addition, we’ll connect with you later in the year on the latest thinking and developments in Credit Unions across the world, and with the best and most successful ideas being used by Credit Unions globally – some of which you may want to use to strengthen your Credit Union and better serve your members.

Paul Walsh, CEO

General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is new legislation that will replace all current national data protection legislation throughout the UK and EU Member States. This will take effect as of the 25th of May 2018. Credit Unions have until this time to prepare to comply with their new obligations under the GDPR.

Some areas of focus for Credit Unions are as follows:

  • Detailed information must be provided to customers on the use and processing of their data. Customers must give consent and also be given the ability to withdraw their consent with ease.

  • Customers now have more rights, including the right to be forgotten (they can request to have their data deleted) and the right to data portability (to transfer their data to other service providers).

  • Credit Unions must notify breaches within 72 hours to the local data protection authority. Should a data breach pose a risk to customer data privacy, the customer must inform customers immediately.

  • Credit unions must assess whether they are required to appoint a Data Protection Officer.

  • Credit Unions should also revise the processing of their customer data by 3rd party organisations to ensure the customer rights are not being breached.


Breach of obligations can result in heavy penalties. These penalties are tiered, resulting in fines up to 2% or 4% of global turnover.

You can follow our articles on the 6 Principles of GDPR through the CMutual Blog.

Credit Unions and GDPR


Director's and Officer's Liability Insurance

In today’s increasingly litigious and regulated business environment the need for Director’s & Officers liability insurance has never been more important. With recent business scandals across the world, and more locally it is clear that the responsibilities and possible liability of directors and officers are mounting. Also the introduction in 2016 of the Senior Managers Regime brought personal accountability for persons in credit union. In May 2018 we will see the introduction also of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. This new law will introduce larger fines and penalties for data Data Processors & Controllers including which will Credit Unions. CMutual’s Directors and Officers Insurance has been developed over twenty years with experience gained working exclusively with credit union. Our Directors and Officers Insurance allows credit union, Boards and Manages and senior staff to rest easy knowing that we are there when things go wrong.

CMutual offer Directors and Officers D&O cover on an optional basis, for those Credit Unions who require it. As Credit Union operations increase in complexity, and with the growing pressure of increased consumer, regulatory and operational pressures (e.g. GDPR) upon the Board, many Directors and Officers are seeking to ensure that a professional insurance policy is provided to safeguard specific potential liabilities that could be incurred by these volunteer Directors and Officers.

Our Team

Our Team

Paul Walsh, CEO

Paul joined CUNA Mutual in 2007, and has led the European operation through its transformation from a Life insurance specialist supporting Credit Mutuals to a full service protection partner for Credit Mutuals. CUNA Mutual is now one of the fastest growing insurers in the mutual area and has broadened its footprint across the Ireland and the UK to include Credit Unions, Building Societies and the mutual insurance and distribution sector. Paul has distinguished CUNA through its strong reputation for excellence in product innovation and customer service, and under his leadership it has emerged as one of the leading values based, ethical and inclusive insurers in the market today.

Bobby Gould, Client Services Director


Bobby is currently Director of Client Services and has been with CMutual since 2001. He has been in financial services for 21 years and has developed his career by specializing in business-to-business client relationships and building mutually beneficial partnerships. Bobby is highly experienced, with expertise in strategic business development within insurance, risk management and Credit Union services. He is involved in Credit Union development and advocacy, working with the sector and with local & central governments.


Married with two children, he loves sports, politics and current affairs. He is currently studying at University of Ulster & Boston College, working towards an MSc in Executive Leadership.

Daire Conlon, Customer Support & Service Executive


Daire is currently a Customer Support and Service Executive at CMutual, he oversees our General Insurance program in the UK and supports our DBI programs, in Ireland, at a project management level. Previously he had a career in sales and gained experience in the hospitality, communications and recruitment industries. 

Daire has a B.A. in Business Studies and M.A. in Marketing from the Dublin Business School. He is currently working towards a QFA with the LIA, in Dublin, and has been awarded a Professional Certificate in Financial Advice. Daire is a keen rugby fan and actively plays with his local club.

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