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CMutual is the pre-eminent insurance specialist for Credit Unions. We have unique expertise in tailoring protection solutions to fit the needs of the credit union and its members.

With over 20 years of experience in the credit union market, we continue to develop innovative products that will enhance the value that credit unions bring to their members and the community.  We understand the changing market environment, and we strive to move forward, continuously investing in our products and services. 

Our values are at the heart of all we do;
  • We bring an honesty, integrity and transparency to all our partnerships in a way that is mutually rewarding and supportive.

  • We leverage our international and national experience in support of our local partners to ensure that they access knowledge, expertise and scale and equips them with the tools needed to make the right decisions.

  • We empower our staff and our partners to support a smooth and friendly customer experience that is uncommon in financial sectors, yet is the essence of mutuality and local care.

  • We strive to achieve an excellence that makes our partners stronger and their clients better, and if we ever fall short, we promise to work tirelessly to address our shortcomings.

  • We invest in shaping the future that enables our partners to execute their strategies safely, prudently and without unnecessary fear of failure.

Did you know?

As CMutual's Credit Union partner, you have full online access to 40 years of Filene Research Institute's expertise and research.

If you don't have access already, you can create an account by clicking the link below.



"I would like to comment on the very fast process in which our claims are being dealt with by CMutual at present


This is benefiting  our member’s beneficiaries immensely at such a hard time in their lives and making a huge difference."

Pauline Smaje
LPLS Claims Manager 
Enterprise Credit Union

"Mosshill Credit Union Ltd. is proud to be able to provide our members with the unique Loan Protection and Life Savings Insurance that CMutual provides for credit unions.

The insurance gives our members peace of mind during these uncertain times that should a member sadly die the Loan Protection and Life Savings Insurance will have them covered.

The insurance gives us a distinct advantage over all other insurance products offered to credit union members. It is free to our members, their savings double up to 65 years of age and there is a further 25p in the pound up to 80 years of age for our members.

The insurance gives our members encouragement to save and our members feel safe in the knowledge that they will not leave their loved ones with an unpaid debt.

The service from the Claims Team has been nothing less than fantastic with really quick payouts on claims and clear communication should they require any further information to complete a claim."

"1st Alliance (Ayrshire) Credit Union believe that the unique Life Savings insurance provided to each member is an integral benefit of membership. 


The difference that can be made to a family’s life at a time of need cannot be underestimated.  In some cases, this is the only form of life cover they have.

It is a highlight of our unique service in improving and protecting the financial well-being of credit union members."

Carol McHarg
1st Alliance CU

Julie Reddin
Mosshill Credit Union 

CMutual is privileged to serve Credit Unions in
Ireland since 1963 and in the United Kingdom since 1974.




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